Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laurelhurst Garage Sale

After swim lessons this morning, Ben and I picked up some coffee (rather I got coffee and he got a muffin) and we headed to the Laurelhurst garage sale; over 100 homes had sales in the neighborhood.  It was fun to walk around, take a peek at everyone's treasures, enjoy the shade of the thousands of neighborhood trees and drool at some of the gorgeous houses in the neighborhood. 
airplane bungalow

just love the asian influence

look at those beefy columns

love the clinker brick

killer side porch

what a happy chimney

 Some of my favorite houses in the neighborhood that I saw while walking around today

I wish that I could report back that I found some amazing something for our home, but nope.  I did, however, score a $10 slide for Ben ($100 new), some Cars cars ($3 for ~10 of them and they cost $5-8 new each) as well as a few pairs of pjs and shorts for a buck a piece!.


  1. I saw some of those houses today. I thought it was a tragedy how that asian influence house had its bracket points chopped off to install the modern gutters. Surely they could have come up with some better solution.

  2. The house with the orange columns is exactly like a house in Tampa, FL. Can anybody give me an address of location of this neighborhood?