Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hole

Steve got going on the stair project this weekend after spending a bunch of time figuring of just what he needed to purchase from Home Depot as well as finishing his drawing in CAD. 

Doesn't look like much right now.  Except a big big hole.  Or pit of doom.  Or pretty scary way to go about doing laundry. 
All of last week, I at least had the old staircase jerry-rigged so that I could still use it, but now that is completely gone, or at least disassembled and on the side of the house.  Steve was nice enough (enter sarcasm) to leave me a ladder to use.  But no, it is handy to have in case I need to go grab something from the basement.  Just thankful I am not 9 months pregnant and trying to use the ladder. 

What is really difficult to see in these pictures is that Steve did get the wall that will be on the side of the new stairs all framed.  The triple 2x4 on the left is to add some structural support as he figured out that there was a centimeter difference in height on the ceiling from one side of the stair opening to the next.
Wish I had a picture of it, but Steve used the car jack to help lift the one side of the ceiling and level it all back out. 
Steve should be in business to spend his father's day weekend (poor guy) cutting and hopefully (cross your fingers) installing the stair stringers.  Hopefully we will get a bike ride or hike in as well.

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