Friday, May 11, 2012

Kitchen Draw Up

By the looks of our blog, it doesn't seem like we have been doing much around here recently.  Well, 1. we really haven't done much that shows for anything 2. we have been doing a ton of kitchen research and have even started collecting names of contractors as well as drawing up real plans! 

A few months ago, I shared a whole bunch of kitchen inspiration photos here and here  I am happy to report that I am still imagining my future fabulous kitchen the same way.

My original kitchen "plan" (let's use that word EXTREMELY loosely) looked like this when I unveiled it here-LOL, that plan is a joke and quite tragic (I swear I know how to use a computer), but none-the-less, a starting point. 

this layout is actually similar to the one above, just drawn up sorta pretty (and yes, the blue is where things may go, although that has changed)-wall where current basement door is

I have to say that plans are really starting to come along.  I have done very rough, "pretty" sketches of what I would like things to look like and now Steve is drawing them up in CAD (you know, he's an engineer so is an expert at that type of thing).  It helps Steve to have a rough drawing so he has a little bit of an idea about what his wife is imagining.
we may have room for a skinny spice cabinet of sorts to the left of the fridge

And the fridge/sink wall a with a little better dimensions.

We also have picked out all of our appliances except the microwave.  The microwave is tough as we are trying to find one that will fit inside of a closed upper cabinet-anyone know of any off hand?  We may just need to make the cabinet a bit deeper than that typical 12" being that most microwaves are at least 12.5-13" deep.  I hope to share the appliances we have chosen and why in the next week or so. 

We also have pretty much chosen our floors, counter tops, paint and hardware-I know, so exciting.  And such a relief, although nothing is every totally decided until you buy AND install.  And even then, you can change them for a price. 

We were hoping to get started on demo by the end of the month-ish but don't think that is going to happen being that we haven't even started bidding out contractors...oh well, no real rush, except finally having a dishwasher and real, adult kitchen:)

You doing any kitchen dreaming or planning?  Portlanders, how are you going to enjoy the gorgeous weekend weather ahead?  We plan to hang out as well as celebrate my birthday and mother's day with Sunday Parkways and a BBQ.  Enjoy the lovely spring summer weather!


  1. This is always the fun part! (Well, next to moving back in after the remodel.)

  2. Check out Young House Love's blog - they just did a kitchen remodel and they hid the microwave in an existing upper cabinet with a small modification or two.

    1. I always read that blog and their micro inspired me...never thought of checking what model theirs is. Thanks!