Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Yard coming into bloom

A couple weekends ago, Steve and I decided to fill in a few spots in our front yard that seemed sparse.  We felt that all of our plants have had enough time to grow in and that we have  good feel of what the yard looks like year round.  I think that we have the open areas because we did not lay out our plants right and follow our landscape plan quite right. 
we added a couple new grasses here

a new fern and some champagne colored Heucharas

a new lewisia to replace the one that died

a few new black mondo grasses, some varigated grasses and 2 champagne heucheras

Safety First!  You must wear your helmet while showing off your bee-boo (belly button) and helping plant

started the garden-mint, basil, chives

lettuce, cilantro, green onions (left from last year)

And here is the house just a week and a half later-everything has taken off!

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to enjoy a weekend on the Oregon coast-while the weather was less than awesome Friday morning, it was amazing the rest of the weekend.  We even saw a whole bunch of Seals and their pups swimming in the water as well as sunning on the sand-so cool.

Ruler Ben

making some of the most sinful Ice Cream ever-Ben&Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!

the clan-can you tell that Ben is two from this picture?


  1. Love your home. Have been checking your blog out periodically. You were nice enough to mention my tiles early in you rehab journey so I wanted to pass along the link to my website which is a work in progress but is finally up. The link is the following: http://www.skierschstudio.com/
    Again, we enjoy your blog and thanks for the earlier plug. Feel free to pass along my link to any who might be interested. Take care, Mike Skiersch, Skiersch Studio

    1. your stuff is gorgeous. Still totally in love with it. If I remember correctly, you were just getting up and running when we were doing our tile and didn't have quite what we were looking for at the time. Wow, such amazing stuff now.