Monday, May 28, 2012

Flowers in Bloom

Loving all the plants in bloom! and really loving all the flowers I have to put in vases.

the mulch was washed away at the edges with the torrential down pour Saturday night

Steve was tired of looking at all of the weeds growing in our planting strip.  He took out the old butterfly bush a month or two back and other than a few transplanted flowers and the elm, it was crazy weeds.  What a contrast form the rest of our garden.  Anyways, he took out all of the weeds and we hauled them off to yard waste on Saturday.  We came home with a yard of dark mulch and threw it down to keep the weeds at bay until we have the time to plant the strip.

 My dad stopped through last Wednesday night on his drive up to Alaska.  He is a crazy outdoors man and is driving to Alaska in order to canoe down the Yukon-a 2000 mile paddle!  He did it back in the 70s and is going for it again.  Not surprising after climbing Aconcagua a few years back and summiting Everest just 2 years ago!  Ben loves time with his grandpa!

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