Sunday, May 27, 2012

E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial


The taping off required for the basement staircase took probably more time than the actual demo...and when you add clean up to the prep, well, time consuming.  No wonder why contractors charge so much for demo when it requires taking Lead precautions.  So pretty much, the whole basement staircase reminded Steve of the E.T. plastic sheeting/containment thing.  I agree.

After giving me the middle finger when I asked him to pose, he was nice enough to pose again with his E.T. finger. Oh, and, ignore the partially unzipped fly, sexy, I know.

All taped off. and nowhere to go.

it was extremely tedious to tape off between the joists

There it is in progress. Lots to see from outside-some kinda sci-fi plastic.

Mid Demo.

Steve found these hidden in the wall  Not too old.  Maybe added in when the upstairs was re-carpeted in maybe the 90s

Nice feeling to have the first phase of demo complete.  We can't decide if we should make a small trip to the dump this weekend or keep the sealed bags in the garage until we demo the whole kitchen and then just take one big 'ol trip.  We'll see what we feel up to.  Probably the latter.  Cuz we're lazy like that, seems like a waste to take a half load and it's Steve birthday weekend. :)

This is the view at the top of the basement stairs, behind the door.  This is the back of our dining room buffet.  We were so relieved to see that the buffet appears to have been built separately from the house.  The grey you see is the mirror.  It should be relatively easy to move the buffet to make room for the new staircase leading upstairs.

Feeling like watching E.T. like me? Undertaking any home improvement projects that remind you of a movie scene?

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  1. I'm so glad we didn't have to worry about all that plastic sheeting. What a hassle!

    I'd dump all the debris at once because you'll probably save money. I think the landfill has a minimum charge just to drive in, regardless of the amount of waste.