Monday, January 9, 2012

A truly local shop: Schoolhouse Electric

Did you hear that Rejuvenation sold out to Williams Sonoma?  I know, sad.  No longer a truly local Portland Company, however, I still love their stuff & really hope they keep the salvage dept. and the same feel.
Last weekend I convinced Steve that we should really start "shopping" for appliances in order to plan for our kitchen remodel, so we headed off to Basco appliances in the Pearl District of Portland (more on that later, but we bought nothing but it was a very worthwhile trip & I am delighted to say that Ben allowed us to stay and get info for almost 90 minutes without complaining:).

After Basco, Steve wanted to check out the new Schoolhouse Electric on Nikoli in the far NW part of Portland.  I was shocked he wanted to go there because he typically has a 10 minute or less tolerance for shopping.  However, Steve does enjoy shops like Schoolhouse electric, where there are eclectic and one of a kind, retro items.
We had heard it was cool inside, but WOW, it was super cool.  A huge space with tons of room to grow.  And of course, in Portland style, they had a Ristretto Roasters Coffee Shop inside so we had to each get an Americano and of course Ben deserved a cookie after all of his patience (oh yea, Ristretto is a local shop by us on Fremont & their pastries are made by a woman who just opened a brand new Bake Shop on Sandy and 54th-yummy (next to Case Study Coffee-yummy again)).  They also had a cool flower shop on site.  We heard that they are going to be leasing space to local artisans or maybe taking in stuff made by local artisans to sell.
little front area and coffee shop is just to left of tables

entrance area (coffee tables to left)

Well, of course I wanted pretty much everything.  But I am really jones-ing for that restroom sign-I would love to put it on our basement bathroom door someday.

we thought it might be cool to recreate this light as a DIY project to go around our basement columns

love the industrial look-this could be such a fun play table for Ben

clocks-I love clocks

this is a total DIY project....thinking basement or you could make these as little stools to sit on, maybe Ben's room?


  1. Thanks for sharing photos of the New Schoolhouse Electric store. I gotta get in there one of these days.

  2. ooh I so hope that there is new management at Rejuvenation and they get that they actually have to provide service and not just snobbery in their salvage department.