Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rock It!

We are fortunate enough to have my grandparents 1940s bedroom furniture.  A whole matching set-we're so grown-up.  And even felt more grown-up when we got a real bedframe a few years back.
Anyways, I thought our teeny tiny bedroom was looking about as good as it could look for a master bedroom of it's size until last January.  I started watching my friend's daughter, Laurel,  2 days per week last January in exchange for her watching Ben while I work. 

And that's when it got ugly.  Laurel is lovely.  I mean our bedroom got ugly.  That when the pack n' play (a portable crib for those not familiar with all things baby) got set-up and stationed in our room.  And there it lived until December when I decided to take back our room.  Kinda weird that we have a crib in our room when Ben has never slept in our room. 

We never put Laurel upstairs because we have no heat up there and I didn't think I would be able to hear her.  I decided to see how the kiddos would do in the same room and they actually sleep wonderfully. 
the throw was a $3? estate sale find
So why not take a 1940s chair from my other grandparents and add it to the mix?  Well, that's what I did just this past weekend.  And I really like it.  It gives me a great place to pile up my clothes (as opposed to the floor or and of the bed).  But really, it matches the other furniture very well.  My grandma of almost 93 years still has the matching sitting chair but she says that someday it will be all mine reunited with it's rockin' mate.  :)  

A fun little update that makes the room look even more adult-ish and finished to me!

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