Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caulking the tub at last


I think it was last summer that I talked about still needing to caulk our tub after remodeling the bathroom, having new tile installed and having the tub resurfaced.  Well, once again we got busy and although not having a smooth caulk line around the tub bothered us, we put the project on the back burner.  We knew it was really bad when we had my brother and 5 of his friends visit for a week in November.  We couldn't figure out why we all of the sudden had a leak somewhere in our newly plumbed house.  Anyways, no leak, really, water had just been spilling out of the tub with 9 people bathing each day for a week and water had leaked into the basement from the areas between the tub and wall/floor into the basement.
purchased from Dal-Tile, sanded caulking, an exact color match to our grout
After the friends left, things quickly dried out so once again the project went on the back burner.  Also, finding a time when no one needed to shower for around 36 hours is a little tough.  Steve decided that this weekend was the weekend.

After we all showered up Saturday morning, he thoroughly scrubbed the tub and surrounding areas that needed caulking.  The let it dry for close to 12 hours.

Finally, after it was all good and dry, he spent a couple hours closed off in the bano to caulk everywhere.  Not only is everything all water tight now, it looks totally awesome. 

And of course, then I realized that it would look so much nicer if the little gaps between the edge tiles and the molding were also filled in AND I was lucky enough that Steve was willing to go back and fill them in.  Our bathroom is one step closer to being done.  I would love to say it will be done by Ben's second birthday (we started the reno just a couple months before he was born) but I believe that would be a lie:)


  1. Congrats on finally checking this off the list! Nice looking tile too....

  2. I have bathroom envy. I love, love, love your built-in mirror and the subway tile.