Monday, January 16, 2012

A quick bit of closet organization

Within the last month or so, while perusing blogs (or was it pinterest?), I came across a handy little way to organize scarves.

Being that this is how my scarves looked, I thought it might be a good investment.  Plus, my scarves were kept in Ben's room and I would rather not risk waking him up if he is napping in order to get a scarf.
And where do you get such a cool little organizer do you ask?  Well, Ikea of course.  The Komplement (luv the name) is just $7.99 and I am LOVING it.

After about 10 minutes time, I realized I had one scarf that had been shrunk to Ben size at some point and a couple others that I forgot I even had.

Now it looks like this and is easily accessible in my closet.  I find myself wearing scarves much more these days :)
I suppose you could also use it for ties or belts. :)

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  1. Nice find! It always feels good to get stuff organized.