Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacific NW Fall

I love the fall in the Pacific Northwest. Makes leaving the year-round 70 degree temps, constant sunshine and gorgeous beaches of SoCal so worthwhile.  I especially love (if you can love driving to work) my drives over the 205 bridge into Vancouver in the fall.  The sun is just rising, all the leaves are turning and the view of Mt. Hood is to die for.
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Another favorite, jumping in the piles of leaves and feeling them crunch under your feet-to die for.  Pure bliss and happiness. No worries. Carefree.

Also, can't beat Forest Park & the Japanese Gardens.
 or the view from Mt. Tabor of the river and downtown
I really just love going on walks around our neighborhood

The plants in our yard

The view from our windows

Or enjoying our first fire of the year

Love watching Ben play in the leaves this weekend as we were cleaning up leaves at a rental home that we manage.  He loved it and was such a good helper.

Life continues to be super busy and big house projects have slowed temporarily.  We have become, once again, overwhelmed by the "stuff" in our home and are focusing and clearing out and organizing more of it.  Hopefully we can make some progress soon and feel up to gettin' down and dirty in some home restoration/renovations soon.  Hope you have had some time to enjoy fall as we have.

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  1. The fall colors have been particularly spectacular this year.