Monday, October 31, 2011


Here are some pictures of this year's decorations and festivities!  I love halloween! Enjoy your day!
the bats are just bats cut out from construction paper and taped inside the shade

I got the crow & black tree from dollar store & the bronze pumpkin from Home Goods last year but the rest of the decor are pass me downs from my mom (you should see her stash)

I just made this pillow and I cost me under $7-super easy.  idea from Pinterest

I also found a couple fun ideas on Pinterest....forgot to take pictures but here are the pictures from Pinterest:


at the pumpkin patch last weekend riding the hay trailer
Ben couldn't take his eyes off the tractor that was pulling us out to the pumpkin patch

the girls riding out to the patch

why the heck am I sitting on an orange thing in the middle of a field?

ok, this could be fun!

 And then there was pumpkin carving last weekend at our friends' Chris & Jason's house...sadly my owl pumpkin did not survive the week....I found all melted on the front porch yesterday :(

my owl.  idea from Pinterest (can you tell I'm obsessed with this website?)

Our little lion trying on one of his costumes...this was a pass me down from his cousins Will& Henry-thanks!

and we hosted a little pumpkin carving gathering at our place on Saturday-here are some of the results:  E.T. won best pumpkin!   Steve carved the puss n boots and snoopy.  He takes his carvin' seriously.  It was funny to see a bunch of guys drinkin' and carvin' the night away

And our costumes for the year-made by yours truly...while I bought my dress, I made the my head scarf, borrowed the hats, and got the swords form the dollar store.  I made boot covers (can't really see at all) from a chalk-board type material they sell at Jo-anns...just wrapped some newspaper around Steve & Ben's legs to make a pattern and sewed a couple lines.  I made Steve's vest by buying 2 yards of cheap brown fabric and using one of his dress shirts as a template.  Steve's shirt is a woman's dress shirt from value village that I bought for a few bucks and stained with coffee so that it was not bright white.   The rest of the costumes are fashioned from things we have, such as taking a tuxedo vest of Ben's (a pass me down, I know, ridiculous that an 18 month old has a tuxedo) and turning it inside out and sewing on some gold buttons.  I had all the red and black & white stripped fabric from costume's past.  What a blast for less than $30 total!

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