Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Closet Pocket

After reading through some of my outdated issues of THIS OLD HOUSE yesterday, I found a couple great, quick ideas to spruce up the house.  One of the ideas I put into action QUICK.  Feeling the need to organize and needed a project that showed some major results and could be accomplished during a nap.
Enter mission organize hall closet=teeny tiny not deep closet that must fit among other things: towels, meds, batteries, dog blankets & more.  Now, a couple weeks ago, after having 6 guests for a week and not even using half of our towels, I realized it was time to purge towels.  I got rid of a huge bag of towels and donated to my work (I work for a nonprofit in pediatric therapy and we are always in need of towels, especially washcloths and hand towels).
Then I was left with a horrifically hot mess of batteries, old cameras, phone books (they still print those??? also donated to my work-when duct taped, they make great foot rests) and endless meds, paint killers, etc.

I found that I was able to toss about 1/4 of the batteries after testing them to find out they were dead or nearly dead.  Don't worry, I plan to properly recycle them. 
And I was able to consolidate a lot of the meds/pain killers, etc. into smaller boxes or completely remove them from the boxes.

Then I hung up this handy shoe organize on the hall closet door.  I found it for about $8 at target.

if I really love this, I will probably break down and drill some holes (gasp) in the stained door to permanently hang the organizer as right now the hanger hooks show on the outside of the door and that is no bueno
then I emptied all the contents of the upper shelf onto the dining room table and went to work.  When I was done, I felt accomplished and happy, however, while I could sort of see through the pockets, I wanted a husband proof fool proof system so that there is no mistaking where things are and where they should return once used.  Plus, I love to label.  So I just grabbed some blue paper I had hanging out upstairs, cut it with my cutter and wrote labels with a sharpie.  Then I just clipped them on with paper clips so I could rearrange as needed.

To be kiddo safe, all the items on the lower part of the organizer have safety proof lids or are not baby dangers (i.e. cotton swabs).  We also have a knob on the door which Ben has yet to figure out.  I can always lock the door as well if needed.


  1. Nice idea for organizing first aid and medical supplies! You do have a lot!

  2. Great idea! We have a couple of closets that could definitely use that makeover - nicely done.