Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brrr, baby it's cold outside

I mean inside, inside the fridge.  Speaking of, it really is cold outside.  High of 39 expected in P-town today.  Light up the fire, babe, we're staying in tonight.  
I have no idea what to do about our refrigerator.  No clue which one will get a lucky resting working spot in our hopefully soon to be in the next year new kitchen.  While I love, love, love the look of reproduction/vintage inspired fridges like the ones below (my sister owns and loves the Big Chill in white-you can see a little post I did a long while back about her kitchen I know, the fridge is not pictured in my post), I am not in love for my own new kitchen.  I really really like the idea of a side by side fridge.  Really would love a counter depth fridge as well. Energy Star is a requirement.  So many decisions.  But still want to keep with the historic integrity of our home which we have tried so hard to maintain with the rest of our home restoration/remodel.

The Big Chill Fridge
$1700 for an undermount-$3400 for a lower freezer full-sized option.  Love all the colors and the awesome 1940s/50s styling.  So much fun and what a great way to make a bold color statement in your kitchen

Elmira Stove Works Northstar
 $2195 (small unit), $3000 (small unit with draft system-now isn't that awesomely awesome? $3200 (upper freezer), $4200 (lower freezer)

Elmira Stove Works Antique
$400-$5200 plus additional for options such as metal panels and ice maker

AGA Appliances
Like I said in my previous post about dishwashers, I had never heard of this appliance line until it popped up in a google search.  But the refrigerator line would be especially useful to people with big 'ol kitchens that could accommodate big 'ol fancy fridges for all different uses. Like one for wines, one for sodas, one for ice.  Keep 'em all separate, you know.  But I'm not jealous or anything.  But these fridges are so pretty and would be so awesome if you had the room and even more so the muula for them.
Anyways, I love these and would love to splurge just for the fridge (it's counter-depth which is a capital H-U-G-E to me but it has a drawer freezer which is a huge downer).  However, Steve does not like it's angled lines at all.

Counter Depth Fridge ($4300)

Undercounter options $1600 (basic)-$3200 (dual drawer)

I was not able to find prices easily for the wine fridge or ice maker but stopped looking being that my kitchen is smaller than most people's closets.  Ok, not that small but surely has no room for mini task specific fridges.

Smeg $1500
these little fridges are adorable and come in a million colors.  Bu the price is hefty for only 9.22 cubic feet

Panel Style
Now I really like the idea of panel fridges as you can just integrate them into your cabinetry.  I have spent a pretty decent amount of time looking for a cabinet-depth, panel-accepting, side-by-side, no ice maker/water on the outside fridge (yes, that is a lot of requirements) and have yet to find one.  For some reason I just really like the side-by-side fridges, guess that is because it is what I grew up with.  I have a bottom drawer freezer right now and pretty much hate it.  I hate bending down and basically needing to empty the whole fridge to find just one item.  And I feel like it is full when nothing is in there. Let me know if you find one. 
I have found some fully integrated panel accepting fridges but they are way above what I want to spend on like, the whole kitchen (which I realize is not realistic for a whole kitchen overhaul, but hey, a girl can dream) at $7K and up. 

Found some decent options that have the the ice maker/water on the outside but at that point, I feel like it doesn't look integrated and you may as well just stick with a white fridge.  And they cost more (the one above is $2700 for just the fridge and then you need to pay for custom panels to be made). IT may not look so obvious if you put on white panels.  So that is where I am leaning. 

One other panel option that I may look into more is a counter-depth french door refrigerator.  There are many options that do accept panels, you can supply your own door handles, therefore making the fridge really look integrated.  Would be able to loose the ice maker/water on the outside of the fridge (it is still inside) but have to put up with a lower freezer.  This kitchenaid model is $2500 but I bet you could find it on sale.

White fridges
This is where I think we are headed.  In order to get a side by side fridge that is counter-depth, it looks like you need to be willing to deal with on door -style water and ice dispenser.  Not the end of the world, but not luvin it. However, I do agree that it would be super handy to have.  Margarita on the rocks anyone?  You also need to be ready to pay more.
I have found a bunch of nice ones.  Here are a few below.  But they are pretty standard and easy to find at any big box store.  Of course, I have seen none in person (well, only the outside of the ikea fridge) so Steve and I will need to take a trip to check them out as we get closer to remodeling the kitchen.

Ikea Nutid 23 $1600
Love the metal handles on this fridge.  The white panel is also super sleek instead of the bumpy cheap plastic that other fridges seem to have.  Wonder how it would handle fingerprints?  From the pictures it appears that the ice maker takes up most of the door of the freezer and that is no good.

Whirlpool $2100
Frigidaire $899 on sale (usually $1200)
Bosch $2500
The panel on this one also looks super sleek but would need to see it in person.  Nice metal handles

Also, another great idea.  This person took car paint and painted a stainless steel fridge so that it would be retro 50s colorful and be nice and sleek.  What a great idea.

A pix of a hardcore old skool fridge panel, ice box style.  This person makes them to order

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