Monday, October 3, 2011

A truly dry basement-fixing from the outside

One reason (there are not many right now) that we like our basement is that it is pretty dry.
ugh, what an unfinished mess

There is just one spot where the water just pours in (well, not really pours but there is definitely a pool of water after a heavy rain).  It has really been buggin Steve.  So, last night he decided to tackle it.  You know, rainy season here comin' real soon for those folks who don't live in these parts.
it's dry right now but this is our not dry spot...right at the bottom of the stairs and near the washer/dryer...can't tell you how many times my socks have gotten wet as a result of rain pouring in

Steve pretty much figured out that the rain is coming in from right below our back door threshold.  We don't need a permanent solution as we plan on replacing the deck next's truly horrid.
area that needs some sort of weather protection

project manager
 SO we decided that adding some flashing might help repel the water away from the house & basement.

1. Steve first used a skil saw to cut down the wood just in front of the threshold so that he could insert the flashing there
  2. He then played around with several different pieces of flashing that we had on hand to figure out what would best repel water away
Steve used tin snips to cut the flashing to size...he used several different pieces to stretch the width of the deck as it was too difficult to bend and fit on an `8' piece...he overlapped the pieces when he installed.  We may add some caulking for extra protection later just before we put the deck board back on
3. Steve then bent the flashing so that he would be able to put the deck board back on later.  He used some blunt nose pliers for this part
aren't you done yet?  I'm bored.

4. Then found out that he bent it the wrong way-oops! and not fun, so rewind and restart

5. Used some roofing nails we had on hand to attach the flashing

Tonight we need to rip down the deck board a bit using a table saw so that it can fit back in place and accommodate the new flashing.  It is just sort of resting in place right now (So Porter can get out his doggie door which is just to the left of the back door).
The basement was dry this morning after some night rain!

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  1. Congrats! We're still working on achieving a truly dry basement. =)