Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is in the air

Had to have a little fun this past weekend as I love fall!  And it's October so must mean it's time to to do a few fall craft projects.

First I planted a few fall mums as our summer flowers were dying. At just a $1 a plant from Home Depot, they add a nice fall spruce-up to our front porch
In addition, I also decided that I wanted to do a free little fall craft.  I had two hurricanes left from our wedding 5 years ago (Happy Anniversary Honey..it's later this week) and a bunch of little fall craft pumpkins and fake insects.  I simply layered them in the hurricane and viola-all fallish (that's a word, right?)!  and free!  I need to get a better dripless candle for one of them before I light it but otherwise, good to go!  One for the dining room table and one for the front porch.

Also, we sneaked in one last camping trip 2 weekends ago with our good friends in Seattle.  It was Benj's 30th birthday.  We camped just two hours east of Seattle (more precisely 30 miles west of Leavenworth, for those who are familiar with Washington).  It was a blast and inspired us to find a little off-the-beaten path camping site near Portland.  Happy to report that the weather was clear, crisp and gorgeous until Saturday night.
Megan (who I've known for 20+ years), Benj (the birthday boy) & baby Evan

Megan, Melissa (Megan's sister) & me with all our little munchkins

Ben's "smile face" which I can't get enough of

dirty man

Steve and Porter cooking some dutch oven breakfast

a dutch oven birthday cake-pineapple upside down

look mom!

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