Thursday, September 29, 2011

Woodworking 101

When I read about Sharon over at Laurelhurst Craftsman Restoration taking a woodworking class, I e-mailed here about joining.  We had our first class (through Portland Community College) last night at Franklin High School. 
The class cost helps to benefit the Landers Bree Foundation, a foundation that was set up to help support the woodworking shop at Franklin High School as well as teach students (many with disabilities) trade skills.   
We learned to use became familiar with several tools at the class including a chop saw and a table saw (I already have used these a bit at home) as well as a jointer and planer-pretty cool tools and a little intimidating. 
We will get to make a paddle board (he said that could be used for food prep or old school whalloping). cutting board, box with lid & dovetail joints as well as a plant stand.  I hope that I can sort of adjust the guide of the plant stand to make a side table instead. 

jointer & planer

perfect piece of wood that I created

wouldn't it be cool if I could make this?  um, yea

Mr with his hoard of animals


  1. Oops, sorry I blurred the corner of your picture!
    Thanks for taking the class with me.

  2. no worries, I was just quickly taking a couple shots..hopefully we'll get some better shots when we start our projects:) Thanks so much for finding the class