Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 2 of Challenge

It's already been a week and I managed to work on at least a project a day-enter pat on back. If you recall back to 8 days ago, I challenged myself to work on a house project for at least a few minutes a day to get myself back in the mood of working on the house and get some of those little projects crossed off the list. 
this wall above the toilet is screaming "adorn me"
Day 8: nothing, remember, I told myself I only needed to get things done 5/7 days.  ok, well I should say nothing to show.  I have been wanting to get some art for above the toilet in the bathroom and have wanted to pull some blue (gasp!-I generally use no blue in my house and have pretty much avoided it at all costs to this day) into the bano.  I am thinking something peacock-y and have been doin' some lookin' on etsy and ebay.  Have some ideas in mind but would like to hit up some local shops first-I will keep you updated.  Hope to get blue towels to match.  Mix it up a bit.  Add in something unexpected.  Our home is a bit to predictable at the moment. 

Day 9: Tuesday.  My friend Chris, lighting extraordinaire came by and helped me hang the awesome light that I bought off of him last month when we were selling things together at a little antique/salvage rummage sale in front of Old Portland Hardware here in Portland. 
Well, I love the light, but it has a few issues and most will be able to be fixed pretty easily.  
laundry chute

another view of laundry chute
hangs so low that Steve, being 6'2", almost hits his head on it each time he walks by
  1. move hideous make-shift "bathroom" cabinet.  This requires building a built-in to go in front of the laundry chute in the bathroom-hopefully will get this done in the next 6 months, that will be almost 2 years since we started the bathroom remodel.  Timely, right? (enter sarcasm, which I try to use often)
  2. raise up light several inches and adjust wiring accordingly.  Chris is able to help with this but needs to bring over the right tool to do so
  3. get 40 watt bulbs, easy, just a trip up the street to the local home do-it store.  All I had at home was 60 watt and I need sunglasses to use the light right some!  way better
  4. possibly get new shades for the light.  The ones on there were free from Chris and are pretty but not quite my style.  Thinking of getting ones to match the ones in the bathroom.  Harmony is bliss.  
  5. this is the tricky part, it appears that this fixture still has knob and tube wiring and is therefore whonky as is the bathroom light.  Needs a new box and wiring.  This project will have to wait until we demo our upstairs. 

But none-the-less, I heart this light and really think it is pretty.  I hope to re-use the previous light upstairs at some point...maybe in the stairwell.  However, I don't think the stairwell is equipped to handle any sort of light fixture right now, do you? 
light fixture that previously hung in the hallway and below the shade, ignore dust, I will blame it on constant construction instead of lack of dusting :)

looking up our stairs to the attic.  check out the hot ceiling work and lovely 80s wallpaper

more hotness
from Rejuvenation
 Also, I love how the new light in our hallway goes so well with the one in our bathroom (yes, feel free to scroll up to check out the way the new light looks again:).  It will look even better once it has square shades to go along with the other square shades. 

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  1. We love our letterpress print from aardvarkonsea:

    I can't wait until their new manifesto is out, so I can buy it for my office:

    They have others in their shop. Kind of spendy, but we were able to get a frame that fit for cheap. :)