Thursday, August 25, 2011

Days 10&11-Weds & Thurs

and I'm behind and quickly forgetting what I did when so hopefully I will get caught up.  The hardest days to blog (they all seem hard with a million house project and a little one running around) are Monday and Tuesday because I have two kiddos under my wing (although I often get in some hard core blog time during naps).  So really those are probably the easiest days for me to blog. 
Let's try this again.  The hardest days are actually Wednesday (yesterday) and Thursday (today).  Have you all heard that obnoxious song about how After Wednesday comes Thursday-cracks me up BUT at least I have a song to refer to when I forget the song about the days of the week that I learned in preschool.  or wait, didn't I also learn it in Spanish class (can hear it now... lunes, martes...)?

anyways, terrible but cracks me up at the same time.

Soooo, because Wednesday comes first, that is where I will begin.

But back up to Tuesday as Steve also worked more on sanding on Tuesday night while I sorta putzed around outside trying to come up with excuses as to why I could not part-take in helping to fix the siding or sand.  I ended up hanging up the little $.50 yard art that I bought at that garage sale last weekend and also glued some more boards together.
sorta cheesy but better than the deteriorating fence
OK, so on Wednesday (drum roll please) we did absolutely nothing.  Except share some delicious homemade lasagna and a bottle of vino.  How fantastic.  Steve's bro had to cancel our hoard fest so we just cancelled work all together for the evening.
Ben beating the heat Weds night

Thursday:  I put in my time hunting for the perfect little adornment for our stark and plain bathroom wall.  I went to quite a few local thrift shops including lounge lizard, a 60s/70s shop on 20th-ish & hawthorne, ReRun on 7th and Fremont and Seek the Unique on SE 6th & Taylor.  It's right near Rejuvenation.  Also went to a cool little Store on ne 33rd-ish & hawthorne and bought some sweet kid's metal folding chairs.  I will need to post a pic soon as they are in the car and need to come into their new home.  They were a screaming deal on sale for $5 a piece, marked down from $10.  These things could withstand a nuclear bomb they are so sturdy.  Ben is still a little small for them but can't wait to put them by an equally cool (and sturdy) little table someday. 
Here are a couple cool finds (did not purchase) at Seek the Unique.  I forgot to take pix in the rest of the stores-got too excited at the prospect of shopping without little man by my side.
lure the spirits?

jewelry?  bills?
and Thursday night I blogged and tidied the house while Steve did some more sanding outside.  He hopes to have the back all primed and ready for some Green paint by Saturday evening.
doesn't look too different from last week but we promise that it is gettin' there

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