Monday, August 29, 2011

Sat & Sun, the last 2 days

Saturday was a productive day as the weather gods were kind to us (As they were not to most of the east coast and we have had you all in our thoughts) as it never got too hot to be outside.  In attempt to once again avoid sanding and working on the house siding (I was also on Ben watch), Ben and I turned to the north side of our house which is just a mess of a forest.  Anyways, we pulled out most of the weeds and then Steve finished up later.  He also took out an old tree stump while he was at it. 

Late in the afternoon, Steve talked me into a quick trip to wood waste management to picked up a 1/2 yard of hemlock mulch (we like the dark color and especially like that it is splinter free) in exchange for happy hour at McMennamins Kennedy School.  Steve went to town spreading mulch as soon as I got home.  We like the results!  What a difference about 45 minutes of work does.  We still need to figure out if we want to keep all the used bricks (from our chimney and a past dumpster diving trip)...I am opting to let them go  (at least most of them) in attempt to clean out the casa.  Long term we plan to extend the back yard gate further out in the side yard. 

Saturday I also patched and glued the rest (or so I thought) of the siding on the back of the house. 
Sunday morning we sanded a ton and then Steve found a bunch of spots that I forgot to glue (oops).  We decided to not finish gluing and instead prime the wood...well, we got halfway through priming and we hope to finish up the priming during evenings this week. 

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  1. I've enjoyed seeing your accomplishments over the last week; good job. The work on these old houses never ends. =)