Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bought a gate pull

After scouring many of the local vintage shops as well as hardware and salvage stores here in Portland, I decided it was high time to turn to the interwebs again (this is what Steve calls them).  I wanted to find a gate pull stat.  Nothing was found on etsy.  but ebay had a few options.  I came across this rusty brother.  Perfect size at 9" tall and asking to be hung proud (just realized this is bit phalic but totally unintentional). Figured that I could sand and spray him if he was too rusty.  Not too ugly of a design either.  And just $14.33 after shipping- I paid an extra few pennies to get priority mail instead of the super slow mail.
Couldn't get a picture to download so either click on the link or see this similar one found here
only mine is no reproduction newbie.
Now that we really do (gosh, I hope) have all of our gate hardware, we just need to find some time to get it all in.

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  1. Wow, that shipping is killer! Ouch. But that's a nice looking pull in the ad. Hope it works for you.