Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 12

and I promise that my last day for counting and this challenge will be Sunday, day 14.  I think it has almost gone on long enough and I am now in the mood to work on this old casa and get it looking shiny new   back to the early 1900s just how we want it

So today, I got a babysitter in the am (I know, gasp, what a splurge) because shopping (the browsing and thinking about how it would work in your house type of shopping) just doesn't go hand in hand with a 16 month-old.  He's cute and all and maybe could help me score a discount (just so they can get me out the door so as to not risk the babe breaking their precious goods), but no fun.  So I hit up one yard sale that I just happened upon after hitting up a terrible (and I mean terrible) estate (year right, more like yard) sale. 
While I still came home empty-handed as far as bathroom adornment goes, I did find a couple fun items and enjoyed myself immensely.  
some fun vintage faux-wood bangles for $3

Initially I was thinking that maybe I would spray paint them white and put them upstairs in the guest room to add a fun twist.  At only $2 for the owls, I didn't mind playing with some paint.  But then I realized that being solid brass and ~7" tall with a nice patina going on, they might work well in the living room. I also love how the lines in the table are similar to the lines formed under the crossing of the branches.  I used to have a plant under our little living room side table.  However, the plant was not fond of no light and baby hands pulling at it.  I have wanted to find a replacement item for the little shelf but could not think of something baby proof.  My only worry is that this could possibly hurt some toes if it fell being that it is pretty heavy.  Ben is pretty good at understanding "no" right now and knows that table is off limits.
Well, those are my finds.  I will spare you pictures of the little plastic tractors I found for Ben for $.50 a piece.  And, yes, I promised pix of the fun metal chairs from 1979 (you can see the engraving of 79 on the side and underneath the chairs, written in sharpie is Burbank Ward 7/79) that I scored yesterday on Hawthorne while in a vintage store. 

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