Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2

this day has been a success!  The kiddos were easy going this morning and I was actually able to vacuum and mop before their naps as well as fold a load of laundry!  I laid out painting supplies just before their naps and then I was off!  speedy like the horse races.   This included the primer, black (actually not pure black but close enough) paint, green porch paint, teeny tiny brush, paint stick and paint can opener). I was able to do all of my black painting (front and back door thresholds as well as the black risers by our front stairs.  I also primed all the spots I sanded last night on the front porch and staircases.  Nap 2 allowed me to put on the first coat of paint but not without first burning my feet a bit due to the heat today-close to 85 right now and I am luvin it! sans that whole feet burning of course.  I plan to put on the second coat after Laurel (the little lady I watch two days per week) goes home tonight and Ben is off to ni-ni land.  Might even have the energy to fit in another project-or at least get started.  This self challenge has really got me motivated!
needs a little paint touch up-when our contractor fixed the stairs last year to allow for better water run-off, the paint was rubbed off and it was something that we just haven't gotten to

the white is actually a sticker that I just haven't been able to remove as well as other spots where the paint has worn off-not so welcoming

back door threshold with old ugly brown paint; check out that sexy kitchen vinyl while you're at it-complete with paint sploches

nice and cleaned up and black-that 5 min project makes me feel soooo good!

front door threshold good as new

yes, just a few spots that needed priming and painting

first coat on-bad pix-sorry!

paint we used-would have liked to use oil based because it is more durable but we could not because there was already water based paint on the porch; supposedly high gloss is the most durable

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  1. Looks GREAT! Love it. Amazing what a bit of paint can do.