Monday, August 1, 2011

Oregonian Archives

My friend, Chris, who I mentioned in my previous post, e-mailed me some old postings of our house from the Oregonian this past weekend.

Sept. 1948

this clip and the one below are form the same article

Mrs. Hardwick owned our home in the 1960s

Pretty cool, huh?

Live in Oregon?  Would you be interested in finding out if your house was ever in the Oregonian?  Here is is really quite easy.

go to this site: Multnomah County Library  (you need to have a Multnomah county library card); then go to The Oregonian Historical archive after putting in your card info.  From there, just type in your address (be sure to put it in quotations and you probably want to leave out the ave or street part of the address) to see if anything pops up!  Don't forget that you can also find your historic address (I found ours under the historic permits tab) on Portland Maps and enter that to see if any really old info comes up...none did for ours-booo :(


  1. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately my street name is the same as the county name, so the search is practically worthless. Bummer.

  2. try variations of the historical address and the number style was usually "53d" vs. "53rd." in our case.

    Sometimes they spelled out directionals in the articles/classifieds. Like ours came up all different ways: East 53d N, East 53d North, E 53d North, E 53rd N, also spelling out the street can get results... like this: fifty-third.

  3. Fun post! I'm in SE in a 1913 Bungalow (slowly de-80sfiying it, as well). I searched a while ago and found my place rented for $15 in the mid-1920s and a policeman and his wife lived here in the 40s. Not much more, though.