Sunday, July 3, 2011


We got some bamboo!  and we really like it!  We are friend's with the couple over at Swanky & Chiang and after reading my post about researching bamboo, she e-mailed to say that they had loads (literally, over a truck load) of bamboo that they were looking to get rid of (or trying to off load on others).  So a couple weekends ago, Steve went off to their house (I stayed home as Ben was napping and boy, was a sad to miss that project) and helped Joe dig out all their short bamboo from the backyard as well as a portion of their tall bamboo from the front.  Wish I could tell you the variety but I have no idea, however, they are both clumping varieties, work for us and for the price of free-ninety-nine, the price is definitely right.  Well, Joe & Steve ended up having to saw-zaw the roots of the tall bamboo out while hacking at it with a shovel.  They got it out and Steve and I got to hack at a little more to fit the clumps into our pots (we decided that pots would work well just in case the bamboo decided that it wanted to take over our yard.  And, then we can move it around if we decide we don't care for it. 
the rig all loaded with bamboo coming back from the Swanky-Chiang house
pot placement in the back of the house-also provides a little window privacy & the window above happens to belong to Steve and my bedroom

I think this needs some compost to help out that fill dirt

again the area just below our window-Steve transplants some ferns from the side of our house here too; they are happy here with the exception of our Porter pup trampling them often

upside down, oops!  the other side of the deck-Steve sifting rocks out of the dirt in prep to put in the pots
south side of the deck

north side

leaning-gotta prop that up somehow

some of this bamboo does not look too happy but we'll see what happens-can you tell what Steve is working on-paint stripping!!!! o so fun!     

short bamboo in the new Ben Pen on the south side of the house

camping at Timothy Lake last weekend

happy man gettin to work with his hammer!

happy 4th of July!

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