Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yard in bloom

I took some time this weekend to plant a few flowers in our front yard pots.

 Also realized that watering plants in pots that are covered (therefore get no rain-ha) need to be watered-duh!

A few pix of our yard in bloom...it really is filling in well!

our mock orange is outta control!  gotta get that beast upright

our accolade elm has grown over 3' in a year...anxious to see what this awkward tween does this year

we thought the crepe myrtle had died but turns out it survived!  Just a few dead pieces we need to trim

we love the colors of the climbing rose and also are enjoying the surprise purple flowering plant in the right hand upper corner
path we hope to finish up this summer
you can barely see the bush beans sprouting up
luvin the peonies from our garden (they smell ah-maz-ing!) in the new (well new to me) Lonesomeville Pottery Chickadee vase (made in Portland) I nabbed from Found on Fremont this weekend...

I think this is an irregular vase due to the spots and slight color distortion on the bottom but I LURV it none-the-less

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