Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Puppy Party

well, what one year old can do without a first birthday party?  How about one like the new TLC program about outrageous kid parties?  Surely the beer and hot dogs were all for him :)  While the weather did not exactly cooperate (no rain but overall cold with just a short sun break), we had a little party for Ben on Saturday morning.  It was great to know that our house can easily accommodate 20 peeps when they flow between inside and outside.  I realize that our house keeps improving a bit with each party.  At the first party we hosted in our home (an ugly sweater party no less) we had no baseboards, an ugly kitchen, horrid floors, a raw old chimney (meaning old brick with the facade removed) and a piece of plywood for a dining room window. 

Big improvements with the majority of the backyard complete (still need a new deck, a few plants and maybe an even/level grass area) and 90% of the main living space done.  Here are a few pix!  Happy Birthday to our big boy Ben!
One picture for each month of life

homemade cupcakes (yellow, red velvet & coconut) as well as puppy chow, scotty dog licorice, animal crackers & puppy pops made by Ben's auntie

check out the super old deck in the foreground-it's missing half its rail

chocolate zone

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