Monday, April 11, 2011

Lookin' like a fence

After figuring out the design and tailoring it down a bit to make the process go a bit quicker, my dad and Steve made some great progress on the fence over the weekend.  We got all of our materials (sans the 2x4 joist hangers which came from Home Depot) from Custom Cedar Products on Sandy Blvd and 163rd....they have gorgeous cedar products and mill it all on site-it hails in comparison to Home Depot cedar & we like to support local companies when we can.  It really is beginning to look like a fence and my excitement is growing at the thought of a place for Ben to toddle around this summer, throw his ball, ride on his little toy.

On Friday after my dad & I made the first trip to Custom Cedar Products
After holding the 6' clear cedar 4x4s in place (on the brackets that were already cemented in by Steve & my dad), we penciled where the holes should go and my dad drilled through-had to drill from both sides to get the whole way through

my mom helping out-note awesome outdoor furniture :)
What the "fence" looked like on Saturday morning just before Ben's b-day
After Ben's party (while he took a nice long nap and my mom stayed behind with him), we decided on the design and made a second trip to the cedar store to gather all the supplies and then my dad and Steve got to work putting in the rest of the posts

Yesterday, Sunday, is when the real progress was made and now it actually looks like we have a fence and I am getting excited!!!

Putting in the rails using joist hangers

they had to modify the joist hangers to fit around the brackets by cutting them using the chop saw (that was a scary sight & I was convinced that while my dad avoided losing fingers on Mt. Everest, he would surely lose them while cutting)

Note the custom cut outs they had to make to fit the 2x4 over the brackets

And by Sunday evening (they worked until it got dark out--> I think that the hot toddies I brought out helped)

 lattice made on site at Custom Cedar Products

gap in middle panel will have wire grate so that our garden plants will have a place to grow

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