Monday, April 4, 2011

fence progress

Well, it has been slow but we're getting there.  With some yucky weather, more yucky weather and a trip to Seattle to visit friends and unload baby gear (we have two couple friends up there who are expecting), we just haven't had much free time.  Ben even had his first swim lessons last week (I know, ridiculous, but he loves the water and had so much fun)!
We got the driveway bracket in last week and even had time yesterday after getting home from Seattle to re-measure everything so that it was even/level/plumb and put in one more bracket.  After having to re-dig a hole and having to cut down all the concrete tube forms, we think that we are now in business and hoping that everything will move a bit more quickly.  My parents arrive Weds afternoon so my dad will be ready to take over the fencing project Thursday.  They will just need to get to the cedar fencing store to buy all the materials and I just need to finalize the plan. 
Steve working on the holes that the quik-tubes will go in-turned out ~12" wide (tubes are 10" wide) and 30" deep-supposed to have ~1/2 of your final above ground fence post height buried  and hole 3x as wide-our posts will be around 5' high

1st bracket in  saw-zaw was used to trim down quik-tubes...we did not use a quik-tube for this bracket being that it was in the driveway and there was already concrete going several inches down

bought 6 of these puppies-4' high each and we cut them down to 30" to fit in the ground

measuring it all up to make sure it lines up correctly-remember geometry?  we used the 3-4-5 triangle rule to check that everything was in line (one measurement was 6' (3x2), another 8' (4x2) and the hypotenuse (diagonal line) is 10 (5x2)...leave it to the engineer to figure this stuff out

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  1. Very Cool garage. I need to rebuild mine. All is left is the foundation. Awsome job with the fence.