Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Spring!

With spring comes outdoor projects and we are trying to get a head start on them this year.  A month ago, Steve was already outside stripping the paint off the final side of our garage and even got it primed.  We hope to paint once it warms up a bit...I think our neighbors are happy being that this part of the garage borders their driveway and they have been asking us for 3 years now when we plan on completing it.

and I ramble.  Back to spring.  Steve spent much of the weekend digging 10" wide by 24" deep holes for a fence and gate we plan (with the help of my dad) to install over the next few weeks.
 And I went shopping!  We have wanted to get some new porch furniture for a long time.  We already had some super cool Adirondack chairs that Steve's bro made us as a wedding present but the only problem with them is that they did not allow us to snuggle on the porch on warm summer nights while drinking vino (or beer) and the porch could only seat 4 (2 on porch swing which is really far from the two chairs that Steve's bro made) unless people sat on the ground or steps.  SO, because Tar-jay was having a sale on their patio furniture, I we decided to go for it.  I also really took a leap and got the target credit card while I was at it (which I have been meaning to do for a long time since I practically live there. side note: I think Target is where people who have babies go to have fun) and saved an extra 5% of the purchase.  While I spent a lot, I ended up saving well over $100.  Here is what I purchased for our porch:
While I was super happy they came with cushions (main reason why I didn't by the loveseat from home depot which was $30 less after sale price but did not come with a cushion, nor could I find the matching chairs in a finish other than white), the cushions blew right off the first night we had them.  We live on a ridge and it gets mighty gusty up here.  Anywho, after a trip to Joanns to pick up some ribbon type stuff to match the cushions and a bit 'o sewing, we're in business.  Here is the finished product:

purchased the pillows last summer at target-notice little ties added to the sides

first sign of spring at our place
Come-on now, just give us some warn weather this weekend so we can have some
friends over to really test 'em out!

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