Sunday, December 19, 2010

The weather outside is frightful...but the trim inside is delightful!

...but ironically it started to snow just as we finished our trim work today.  I promised another post before Christmas and I am happy to say that I actually have something to write home about.
After keeping busy staining all the top detail pieces and base shoe for the living and dining room trim this week, Steve and I installed it today.  Have held out over 4 years for the moment and it is nothing but gorgeous!  Here are some photos before.  We got all the wood from Rejuvenation and have a little touch up work to do but it is basically done.  I convinced Steve to finish this project not only because it was time but because Ben was otherwise bound to pinch his fingers between the floor gaps and walls that existed prior to the reason, right?
all dressed up with pretty floor trim to boot

a multi-step process due to the uneven floors and walls
had to set up staining in the basement due to weather

and a little video of Ben helping with the trim project


  1. Looks great! I spent my evening doing the same thing (kinda) - painting my dining room wainscot. We got lucky with the "snow". It was really more of a slush falling from the sky. It only seemed to hit our part of town.

  2. The trim looks great! I am doing the exact same thing to our house right now so I can empathize and appreciate it. Congrats.

  3. Hi, your trim looks great. I noticed the detail on the baseboard cap looks a lot like ours and saw that you wrote that you got it at Rejuvenation. Would you mind sharing some more details on that. Thank you.