Saturday, January 8, 2011

Take 2

So after months of himming  and hawing (or more like procrastination), we finally bit the bullet today and re-ordered and dropped off our living room and dining room built-in doors to have real leaded glass done, as opposed to the faux type we ended up with the first time I went through the whole leaded glass ordering process.  Well, shocking, yet not surprisingly, it costs much more and we are going to have to sacrifice our first and only born, Ben to complete it.  However, these are promised back March 1st-ish.  Can't wait and will post pictures just as soon as we get them.  I tried to post pictures of the design but cannot figure out how to save them...I believe they are locked.  
Here is a link to one of the pieces and a similar design to what Tom, our leaded glass guy, is creating for us.  We will not have bevels.

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