Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been months....

...and, well, as far as the house goes, I can't say that we have too much that is impressive to write home about BUT, there are a couple odds and ends we've been working on. 

-we of course are always working on the most important thing in our life, our little man who is now (gulp) 8 months old and doing awesome!!!   We are constantly amazed by him and still awaiting (happily being that we have yet to baby proof) him crawling...he is sooo close
luvin' his first big boy bath out of the baby tub

-as far as our leaded glass, we debated for weeks but ultimately decided to return the glass being that we truly want real leaded glass and not an overlay design.  The woman who works for SGO was super kind and was willing to refund us the money for the work (minus credit card fees) based on the mutual misunderstanding.  I think I found someone to do true leaded panes but then attempted to get "just one more" quote and never heard back from the guy, then there was turkey day and we were out of town and well, now it's December and life is crazy again with the holidays...maybe Friday, right?  After all, the goal was to get these done before Ben crawls. :)

leaded glass overlay ready for return
-at the very end of the summer, Steve got all crazy and we stripped and painted the back of the garage so now, after 4 years in our home, 3/4 sides are painted....maybe we'll finish next spring and make our neighbors happy.  Sorry Fedotas.  Of course, still need to paint around the window (testing colors left over from 3 summers ago), but now two more panes broke when a cord snapped in the yet another project to add to the list

-Steve also decided to plant more in the backyard which includes the plants that go up against our looks awesome and helps keep the dirt down with Porter runnin' around and the rain returning.  Ignore the deck, the is one of our projects on the list for next summer.

 Well, I think that is about it for tonight....more to come on Christmas mess, having my family of 11 for x-mas, our crazy journey into rental land, our buffet,baseboards, kitchen and Halloween horror!  I hope to update again this week :)

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