Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Buffet has Arrived

After meeting to look over and make final decisions on our buffet, it was delivered to us 1 1/2 weeks ago and it is beautiful!  We still need to stain it, but that has not yet happened with my being out of town last week.  We tested some colors on scrap wood and will probably go with gunstock by urethane.  We plan to stain the inside and outside of the buffet even though the outside is quarter sawn white oak and the inside is a mix of red oak and mahogany-we saved on cost by using different wood inside and on the back of the piece.  Our craftsman (he was amazing) added lots of extra little details to make the piece perfect.  Now I need to find some cool cabinet hardware.  Hopefully finished pictures will come soon.   

curves to add a little softness and detail...bottom feet match our Haywood Wakefield chairs

sample stain on scrap wood                                                    faux divider cut into door


  1. What a beautiful piece!! I can't wait to see it stained. I love how the doors and drawers are flush and not overlaped.

  2. Who did you guys use to make this buffet? We're in the market for a good woodworker.

  3. Sharon, the man who made our buffet is Mike Kirk (503) 380-2678. Awesome work, great prices and a breeze to work with.