Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mid-Summer Projects Indoors

As many of you know and experience yourselves (unless you live in California and have year-round summer, as I did for the first 25 years of my life), when summer comes, projects move outdoors as there is such a short window of opportunity to get them done.  However, we have managed to fit a couple indoor odds and ends onto our summer list.
      Progress is going really well on our buffet; we are going to go view  it and hand over the salvage hinges we got from Rejuvenation and slot screws from Winks hardware on Thursday and Mike reported that he may even have it completed and drop it off to us by Friday! 
   Steve has once again entered a clean out phase on the house and the current project is selling books, CDs and DVDs from his parents house as well as some of my text books from grad school (I am happy to report that most of them were actually still worth some money 4 years later and they are selling fast).  Here are a couple pictures of the upstairs front room which is embarrassing-ly messy (mostly with things from Steve's parents house that we need to sell) as well as the bookshelf we set up with all the things we have listed on Amazon.  I would like to say (but not sure if we were ready to take on the project) that we might have started this process a couple years ago when we sold the parents house, but items need to be shipped within 2 days of sale which made it impossible with a full-time job. 

I have also been dealing with our "leaded glass."  After unpacking the glass, I realized that it is not true leaded glass, rather it is a sticky lead material that sticks onto a full panel of glass.  While the doors look awesome, I am very concerned about how well they will hold up with a toddler in the house and I feel that the cost is too much for a project I could have completed on my own.  I contacted the place that made them and she sympathized with me and told me that she would get back to me with some options on what we could do about it (she said that she almost always explains that it is not true leaded glass) but I have yet to hear back several weeks later so I left another message today. 

Friends are exploding with babies as well so I have kept busy making baby quilts, burp rags and baby towels which I enjoy doing...sorry, I keep forgetting to take pictures but hope to soon.  Ben keeps telling me how excited he is to have all these friends coming.


  1. Your built-ins are fabulous!!I love the colonnade. Unfortunately,someone ripped mine out in the 1980's so I will have to have mine custom made.

  2. Yes, ours were ripped out as well and we had to have ours custom made. Actually, there were originally built-ins around the fireplace only and we found a track for pocket doors that divide the living and dining rooms inside of the wall that was changed in the 40s. however, having such a small house and loving built-ins with storage, we decided to do built-ins with columns instead of pocket doors that would not be functional for us. It is awesome to have a desk in our dining room where we can hide all of our mail and junk to stay organized and keep a few things off the dining room table.

  3. I think you made the better choice. It gives it definition. Pocket doors are nice too but the beauty of them are hidden because they are open most of the time.