Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Demolition...and some building too

So, our weekend consisted of filling our sewer line ditch with concrete, buying a ton of wood and concrete, some wall demo and starting framing of the new basement bathroom we are putting in.  Despite how it looks, we feel like it is starting to show signs of getting done.  Our plumber Bob is doing an awesome job keeping our plumbing up and running while replacing everything and adding a new bathroom at the same time.  We hope to have all the new lines up and running by the weekend.

our stack of concrete-15 bags worth to fill the ditch
Friend Ben helping with concrete & when they started covering the new sewer line (it was 90% blocked before)

the outline of the new basement bath, new shower to left, framed in with pressure treated wood put into the concrete with special screws.

 So gross, can you believe this is 95years worth of hair that came out of the shower drain pipe-makes me sick

1. tub just before turning to make room to stub out new plumbing
2. old asbestos floor tile under tub and several layers of old linoleum.  We found some super old paint samples with a brochure and what appeared to be the last home owners underwear
-gloves required to throw out
3. Tub turned temporarily until we bring in new tub....only friends and neighbors showers for a few days :)

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