Sunday, February 14, 2010

baths, baths, baths

Amazingly, the plumbing is done!   Our contractor was absolutely awesome and finished in record time....we survived with not having a kitchen sink for two days, no bath for 1 1/2 weeks and still have our bathroom sink missing, however, no big deal as Steve is busy leveling floors and getting all ready for tile. Our plumber was able to keep the toilet going the whole time-a necessity for a pregnant woman.   We have gotten our tile bids and the tiling should start in the next week or two.  Here are pictures of the boys moving out the old tub-it was ridiculously heavy, framing in the main floor bath, lack of sink and the temporary shower set-up we have until we get tile.  I hope to get some basement bathroom pix up in the next couple days and maybe some nursery pix too.
breathing after tub made it to the dining room
going out the door-score!   We only found one big scratch in the floors after....luckily covered by a rug

made it to the porch, down the stairs and into the pickup to sell to rejuvenation the following day

framing in the bathroom on the main floor

new plumbing for main floor bathroom sink

temporarily shower setup-but aren't the handles on the new venice cal faucets awesome?


  1. Congratulations!

    We are a bathroom store and we get quite a few questions from our clients on how to do install everything themselves. What do you recommend? A contractor or the DIY approach?

  2. Awesome! You're shower looks almost exactly like ours, with the curtain liner!