Monday, January 25, 2010

Twas the night before....

Tomorrow starts a project we have been meaning to do since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. Deposit for materials are down and Bob the plumber will be coming over tomorrow morning to start the sewer line replacement and then he will start on the water lines.  In addition to replacing all the existing plumbing, we are adding a kitchenette sink to the basement, full basement bathroom, sprinkler system plumbing, 2 new hose bibs (finally one in the backyard and one towards the front of the house), moving the water heater, and lots of other small upgrades.  It will be great to have plumbing that does not have rust coming out of the pipes each time we get home from vacation.    Lots of work ahead as we need to re-concrete over all the sewer and put up bathroom walls just as soon as the sewer lines are done so that he can get finished. 

sewer line-note hole we found at top after digging out-old pipes, eh?

laundry sink faucet-very archaic but has served its purpose well

Steve's markings for new plumbing

another part of the 35' long sewer line getting replaced, notice all the dirt piles we dug out over the weekend

lines that were replaced in 2006 and were done all wrong....
what you get for spending $500 and hiring a plumber without a license

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  1. Your projects are CERTAINLY for the young-at-heart. These are projects that Dad and I took upon when first married and we'll NEVER forget them. BUT ..... fond memories for the beginning of our marriage! But, HEY, where are update photos on Baby Nolly? Love you both!!