Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Major Prize

I totally forgot to post the major prize I won back in early December.  I am in love with Lonesomeville Pottery which is made in SE Portland and sold at Rejuvenation as well as Kitchen Kaboodle.  Well, when Steve and I were ordering our new couch back in November (won't arrive for another month), I noticed that the Lonesomeville potters were going to be at Kitchen Kaboodle the following month selling and signing pieces.     
Anyways, to make a long story a little shorter, we went and when we got there it was already over.  However, the lady said we could sign up for a free drawing of a big piece, so well, what's to lose, we did and I got an e-mail the next day that I had won a cedar waxwings vase that is 13"h x10"w x7"d with a golden oak glaze!   It is awesome and I could not believe how perfectly it matches our other mantle pottery and how it looks!   Totally in love and our first really nice piece of pottery (everything else is damaged in some way although most is sort of hidden by the way it is placed).  

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