Monday, January 11, 2010

What have we been up to?

Besides being busy brewing a baby, Steve and I have been madly organizing and cleaning in order to hopefully have enough room to get a plumber into the house to get all of our plumbing re-done, move the water heater and add a bathroom and sink in the basement as well as a couple hose bibs.  You can also see pictures of one night when I came home to find Steve (as he will frequently wait to do until I am gone) tearing out the wall that connects our laundry room to the rest of the basement and claiming it had to be done in order to get the plumbing re-done-yea right!!!!  I do have to admit that while it probably won't help much with plumbing, it makes our long -term basement layout easier to imagine.

Steve taking out the wall that connects that basement
All the drywall he had to move in order to take out the wall, this is drywall we planned on using over 3 yrs ago in the basement but here it waits
Please note Steve's mismatched shoes-he claims he put on the leather one in order to move drywall but I claim lazy and it being what he found first
New "open" and messy laundry room-the washer and dryer clear the ceiling by about 1/4"
What I have been working on-26 weeks
goodwill pile after cleaning out our closets and some more items
still left from Steve's parents house...I love getting rid of things!

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