Monday, October 12, 2009

What I think of kids I know: A Slam Book

When I posted about hidden treasures, I wrote about finding a slam book.  Well, the "book" or what is left of it is one piece of paper, front and back, that slams children that the child who wrote this (I imagine it to be a girl because she writes of a boy being her "honey" in it.)  Anyways, it is hilarious from what I can read and I especially love how the first edition is written in pencil but it looks as though she went back to it from time to time, making updates in pen.  From the mix of print and cursive, this was maybe completed by a third of fourth grader and her little friends.  Sorry for such dark pictures

( later changes in parenthesis)
_____means I can't read what it says

Caralee  (moved) Ward ---"fat stuff"
Katy Woodfine--- "the temper wouf"
Violet Seifort--- "crab box"
Deana Norville---"sting"
Elinor Brenton---"just too perfect"
Janet Slocum---"more fun"
Helene Schneider---"sassy"
Barbara Jenkins---"a little baby"
Connie Miller---"silly"
Lois Water---"adroup"
Doris (moved) Anderson---"bashful"
Doloris _________----"A little Cat"
Majorie (moved) King---"Sloppy Joe"
Jeanna (moved) Gibson---"Stubborn" I and-nov______
Dorothy Swicegood---"liar"
Walter Eniedi---"shy"
Robert Bell---*paper torn off
Billay Shieve---*paper torn off
Robery Coffyn---*paper torn off
Jimmy *paper torn off
Carl *paper torn off

back side
Stanley Jensen---"silly"
George Yager---"goldylocks"
Richard May---"mushy" with a captill # ("my honey")
Jack Mallonee---"Sloppey"
Theron Northrope---"meany"
Donald *paper torn off ---"dummy"
Dick Guilke---"sprad" huh
Curty Seifort---*paper torn off puss"
Betty Rogers---"sluyory *paper torn off
Nan Olsen---"shy *paper torn off
Jeannette Kalivoda---*paper torn off
Melvin Sa Sota---Flirt with a capital  F
*paper torn off Rands---Army and Mary *paper torn off

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