Monday, October 19, 2009

My new loves-Heywood Wakefield

On Sunday I had to go to Rejuvenation to get some nickel hardware to replace the brass hardware on our bathroom door since we finally got the doors stripped and are prepping them for stain.  Anyways, while walking in the backdoor, I happened to notice what looked like some pretty cool chairs that looked pretty craftsman.  Well, anyways, I snuck back outside while my friend was selling some lighting to salvage and took another look only to find 3 arm chairs with leather cushions and almost immediately fell in love...even though they appeared tattered and dirty and had some minor imperfections. 
      With that, I had to ask the price as well as find out more, at which time the price was awesome compared to new arm chairs I was researching for purchase and I was pointed to 3 more inside that were already restored with a good wood cleaner and leather cleaner/conditioner.  Sitting in the chairs was a dream and when measuring (I just happened to have a tape measure in my purse among several heavy pieces of door hardware) their compact 25"x25" size, I was in love.  Furthermore, I found out that the chairs were in original condition and were Heywood Wakefield, made in Portland, used for a masonic lodge in Washington and then bought by a collector and stored for years. 

I took a picture with my cell and called my husband, telling him he had to come see.  So...less than two hours later, we had purchased a pair of the beauties.  Below are pictures of them (lighting is different in each but they have same color finish and leather more closely resembling the second picture) after Rejuvenation restored them and pictures of their labels.  Based on the label, they were made between 1921-1925.  So comfy and also have built-in beverage holding arms. Love them!!!!!!!!! 

Can't you just picture all the old masonic lodge men sittin', chattin' and drinkin' their beers now?

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  1. What an incredible find! They look super comfy. Can't wait for our next visit and we can try them out!