Monday, October 12, 2009

A Very Blustery Day

This past weekend marked what we were told is going to be the last nice weekend (meaning no rain) for awhile.  Therefore, Steve and I had a lot of painting to do around met taking an all day continuing ed calss on Sat, Steve watching the football game and going to the pumpkin patch (did I mention I love fall).   So here are pictures of the way we worked around the very blustery weather.  We tarped the front side of the house so that we could paint without huge amounts of leaves and other yard debris flying onto the wet paint.  The trap flew off several times and Steve woke up this morning to the trap having completely fallen down and taken down several ladders that were weighted down with rocks.  Seemed to have worked as we avoided having little things stuck to our fresh porch paint.

beautiful fall trees changing color across the street

In addition, we found (although I accidently deleted the picture) that wrapping tarps around the siding after we painted it each evening this week (it was dry to touch when we wrapped the tarps around), we avoided the spots we were getting on the paint from the overnight dew or precipitation.

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