Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bathroom Before and Current

I realized that I have never posted pictures of our bathroom and there are reasons for this but hopefully those reasons will disappear by spring, so what the hell, why not show off our little gem.
Our bathroom has been let's say less than desirable since the day we moved in.  During our inspection and all the rest, no one seemed to notice that the bathtub had somehow survived almost 100 years without a shower attachment.  That was for starters. Not to mention the hideous wallpaper, baby blue paint, miserable 1980s sink and vanity, peeling vinyl floor and just overall awful. However, the bathroom did have it's original medicine cabinet which I just fell in love with and it is a decent size.

lack of shower and lovely set-up the day we moved in

Steve geri-rigging by adding galvanized pipe with 90 degree fitter and shower head attached.

Bathroom on inspection day

Well, we thought that this would be a very short term solution and I pictured us having a brand new, lovely, sparkling white with everything new (but of course looking old) within 3 or 6 months, tops.  Three years later, here we are with shower curtains still stapled to the wall, a thermos (yes, I typed that correctly) and closet bar holding up the outer shower curtain and our gerri-rigged set-up.  However, I do have to say that despite that it almost scares our guests away, it has been practical and has kept us clean.  Not to mention, no leaks (knock on wood).

For the last 2 years, I have been collecting parts to our bathroom (excluding the clawfoot tub we bought within the first couple weeks we lived in the house and stored for two years but sold because we realized that this was not exactly practical for kids and I do not love the shower experience of a clawfoot tub...too many shower curtains sucking you in).
These have included:
  • sink bought in the seconds dept. at rejuvenation because it had been used in one of their photo shoots...we broke down one day in the last year, ripped out the old sink and vanity and put it in
  • rejuvenation toilet-had an awesome coupon
  • pottery barn side drawers for near the sink-hooked up my little bros discount when he worked there
  • some towel bars and toilet paper dispenser-pottery barn discount
  • california faucets sink faucet-again, the little bros discount from pottery barn
  • cal faucets shower and tub faucet-awesome online sale 
  • tub-found on super discount at rejuvenation-exactly what we currently have but drain on opposite side (right now it is by the window which is less than ideal)
So while we have a garage full of parts, the bathroom will seem super cheap when all we really have to buy is tile and toilet and get a cabinet built for the side of the tub. Right?  I really do mean it when I say that we will have my dream bano in the next 6 months as that was part of my criteria for having a baby (along with an awesome vacation (check) and hardwood floors being refinished (in process of quoting and scheduling).  Will post tile ideas soon (have been collecting for 3 years now).  Also, does anyone know where I can purchase a solid black, wood toilet seat with old-style polished nickel hardware???  I have searched far and wide and yet to have luck.

Here are a couple pictures of our bathroom in it's current state-Steve is chipping off layers of paint which have exposed the faux plaster tile (poor mans' subway tile).  While Steve doesn't want to save it, I would love to but it is doubtful based on the poor condition and the fact that is is completely destroyed where the original wall toilet and sink were hung....let alone that when Steve makes up his mind it is a bit hard to reason with him but we'll see.

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