Saturday, October 3, 2009

They came in twos

   It's been awhile since I have posted but darn it, we've been busy and I've been tired (pregnancy does that sort of thing to you).  Anyways, changes include hiring a friend, Scott to help us out with siding and various other projects that are driving me crazy or are beyond our current level of patience which seems to be getting shorter by the day.  He re-sided the entire porch-quite a task, just finished cutting out rafter tails to size in prep for the gutters that will hopefully be up by next Friday (we hired this out as well-can you tell we are getting burned out?).  Other projects include help with patching the cut off window sills on the exterior of the house which I feel will make the house look so much better.  He is amazing!
They came in twos you ask?  Well, we finally took a trip to Portland Nursery last weekend to pick up the much debated conifers for our front yard.  My brother, the landscape architect, initially wanted us to get conifers that would eventually reach 60 or so feet tall and just be huge in our opinion while we wanted something more on the dainty side.  After much research, we found that the mountain hemlock was just the right size, getting only ~8' wide and 20ish feet tall (about 6 feet tall right now).   We planted them last weekend and love ' is a little crocked at the top but I feel it adds to the charm!   They frame the house very nicely.

 ~mtn hemlock on south side of house near column~

~mtn hemlock on north side of house near column~
If the rain holds out for us, we hope to finish painting the new siding tomorrow (we caulked, sanded patched holes and painted today until the rain came) so that we can plant all the plants by the garage that make the house look like a nursery.  
Happy Fall!  I love fall!  My favorite season!

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