Sunday, September 13, 2009

The sky is falling

When prepping to have our columns out on our front porch rebuilt in July, we had to take out several overhanging boards to gain access to interior support system. While doing this, the cotton insulation we had blown in a couple years ago started flying everywhere as all of these items started falling. While Steve was yelling at me to just ignore the thing falling/vacuum up all the insulation before it went all over the neighborhood, I couldn't help myself from ignoring him and just starting to sort through the treasures. They were and are still covered in grime but it was so exciting to find. I met with one of the children of a previous owner (more to come on that with pictures) last month and she reported that her father drywalled the attic in the 40s so it seems right that everything seems from 1942 or earlier. I found items dated 1916-1942 and just love uncovering some of the house's hstory and past. I wonder if the girls that lived in the house would sneak into the attic to play and accidentally drop items into the walls or hide their forbidden candy wrappers in there so that their parents would not discover them ruining their dinner.
Anyways, Steve and I have found many other little children's treasures as we tear down walls and clean things up (we have also hid a few things ourselves for future owners to find if they dare take down the dining room walls).
Now how to display all of our finds??? Anyone have any suggestions as I would really like to show off all the cool little trinkets we have found from the past. First I should consider cleaning them up.

Newspaper dated 1916

  • half destroyed picture of man standing
  • plastic doll
  • cuticle oil
  • plastic manicure set box
  • pencils
  • 2 cent stamp
  • metal child's bracelet
  • slam book written by child (more later-this is hillarious)
  • plastic doll
  • metal promotional barrel from Bank of Beaverton (heavy-for paperweight? or pen holder?)
  • mini yellow brochure offering 3 california pottery offers for fish salt and pepper shaker with metal stand or fish plate "a $1.25 value"-do you think they would still honor them today?

  • 7th grade speller (folded) belonging to Wanda Lee Rands
  • menthal use drops paper bag filled with candy wrappers
  • Gestrings Coffee Shop (saying "Famous for our Chicken Dinners") promotional paper calendar showing Dec. 1941 with pages attached for 1942, address of shop was 1121 SW Stark, phone BR 6624 and BR 3070 (is this how you called into the operator?)
  • menthal camphor ointment
  • Beech Nut Spearmint Gum wrapper
  • Flexo bars chocolate flavor crown jewels box
  • Walnettos Candy Wrappers
  • 30s fabric hanky

  • baby doll parts,
  • doll dress (1930s fabric?)
  • comics (year unknown),
  • deflated plastic baseball,
  • paper turkey decor,
  • birthday card to Wanda Lee Rands dated 1942 from grandma

cute print of some hunting hounds-needs a good cleaning

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