Monday, October 19, 2009


Just wanted to post pictures of our new gutters....just in time for the crazy thunder and rain storms last weekend.  We opted for 5" half rounds and 3" round downspouts and had a local independent gutter guy do the deed for a good price.  We considered (or more like I did) doing the gutters ourselves last summer, but what can I say, we are burnt out and really want to keep the rain out and not let it in by not doing it right.
     Good decision is what we are thinking.
Here are a couple pictures of prep which included trimming the rafter tails (again, out of omph as well as daylight and rain-free hours), painting and priming that tails as well as soaking the galvanized metal piece sin vinegar to remove some of the galvanized portion and then spray priming with rustoleum oil-based paint for metal.  ...we will probably not get to painting them until next spring...or summer.
Steve doing final paint prep for the garage gutter-we only did the north side because it gets foot & paw traffic.

primed gutter brackets 


  1. Hi - My special fella and i just purchased an old bungalow and need to install gutters. i'm having a doozy of a time trying to find a gutter system for a house with exposed rafter tails. but i found your post and now have hope! i haven't read too much of your blog, so i don't know where you're located (we're in michigan), but it would be great to know more about your gutter guy. could you post something about who he is/where he's located so I might be able to contact him? Thanks!

  2. Hey Sharon, it takes me awhile to respond to comments, sorry. Anyways, we are no help as our gutter dude is here in Portland but I took a picture and added it above of he he mounted our gutters-he had the brackets custom bent so that they could be screwed into the exposed rafters. However, the Gutter guy we used was awesome and his name is Jeff Folen (503) 281-7101--> one man show so costs are kept low and he is great with old houses