Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outside Before-2006/2007

Here are a few pictures of our home before we started the outside renovation 2 years ago, it's still not finished but it's getting close-we hope to fix the porch stairs and finish some shingle and detail work this summer. Also, my brother (who is a landscape architect in Los Angeles-score!) will be coming ini June to design our front yard scape!

Pictures include:
1. House Prior to move-in-note aluminum siding (Fall 2006)
2. Removing aluminum siding-gotta love all those lead paint chips falling (Summer 2007)
3.Stripping paint off of side board and prepping to remove all shingles and replace-we completed all of the paint stripping, shingle replacement and prep and then hired the painters
4. back of house before shingle work began
5. Just before paint began, notice crumbling chimney, new side board where we adjusted height of window and new shingles that we hand not so happy after spending most of our summer evenings doing work (October 2007)

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