Monday, March 23, 2009

Kitchen In-between

I describe this as our in-between kitchen because while it looks "1950s cute" to me, we hope that this will only be our kitchen for several more years before we remodel. We spent a couple hundred dollars painting, changing out hardware (purchased from a salvage store for next to nothing), putting up curtains (I sewed myself) on rods purchased from seconds at Rejuvenation. The light was purchased from seconds at Rejuvenation for the fixture and the shade a full price shade which I hope to use again when we remodel. In the full kitchen shot, you will see an oven that we borrowed from a friend and then sold when we found a 1946 oven (pictured) at an estate sale for just $50. The scale was given to me by my mom that she no longer had in her kitchen (year is 1911) and the paper towel/saran dispenser ($3 estate sale) which has since been replaced by one that is nicer (~$8 estate sale). We also found an old "ringing" nickel door bell for $0.50 at an estate sale to replace our 26-song electric version that came with the house. We could not live with the look that was there when we moved in so updating was well worth the cost and time for the in-between.

The kitchen may look great from afar, but don't look too close as we have no water pressure in our sink, no dishwasher (I am not such a purist that I permanently want to be without one), our 70s vinyl floor is peeling up and our gray laminate counter top is coming apart and worn. In addition, one great love of our old kitchen is frequently finding wood shavings in our utensil drawer from the drawer above rubbing on the "tracks" (good source of fiber, right?).

We love our kitchen for now but will be glad when the day comes that everything works, we are not going up and down the basement stairs for all food except spices and cereal and we are not the only dishwashers, let alone won't accidentally be eating wood shavings from time to time. Kitchen dreaming includes a dishwasher, gas appliances, more storage, red walls, white cabinets, water pressure and some sort of solid surface countertops.

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