Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dexter in the house

Demo is in full swing.  Had the crew here last Wednesday-spent the better part of a day sucking out all of the old insulation.  One of the crew member's said this was his toughest job in 25 years-so glad we didn't try to take that on ourselves!  I guess there were 3 different types of insulation combined with shingles and old roofing pieces-clogged the vacuum hose more than 10 times.  Found some fun treasures though!

We had to cancel ripping off the roof last Th/Fri due to torrential downpours here in Portland.  At least it gave us the weekend to finish pulling all of the shingles off of the upstairs portion of the house and where they will put sheer panels. 
We put up to strings to find the center point of the room only to find a big beam right there; now the light box is slightly off center from the fire place but still centered on the window-we plan to balance it out by putting up a large flush mount fixture.

We were supposed to have this whole week to do electrical work on the main floor but now we have the demo crew here instead.  We had the day yesterday devoted to electrical and were able to add a lighting box to the living room and add a box to the porch and entryway (there were no boxes-just hanging by wires); in addition, we were finally able to separate the porch and entryway from being on the same switch.  We plan to re-wire the bedrooms and hall as well as add pull chain lights both of the main floor closets while everything is opened up. We'll have the weekend to finish up electrical as well as put R-30 batt in the cavity above the porch.  Cross your fingers for us that we will pass first inspection on Monday!
so reminds me of Dexter

The crew will be here the rest of the week ripping off the rest of the roof and the upstairs walls.  We might get an awesome view of fireworks on the 4th!

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